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We Bring Dance To You.

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Dance Solutions is committed to serving community members.

Dance Solutions is an all-inclusive community-based company. We bring dance to both kids and adults through classes, parties, community events, and other venues. We maximize our reach by teaming up with schools, recreation centers, churches, etc.  We are dedicated to exposing everyone to a healthier self, no matter their age, fitness ability, mental capacity, or economic standing. We offer corporate team building events, classes, parties, and more. Start having fun with our family-friendly business today! 


•  We use dance to teach youth how to be leaders/team players

•  After school dance programs available

•  Coming soon to locations all over the US

•  We love to hire youth! Inquire now

Hip Hop Dancer on Stage

About Dance Solutions

Our History

Established in 2001.

Dance Solutions originally started in 2001, as a strictly contractual business. We were hired to come to the client wherever and whenever they wanted. We would go from place to place to offer dance lessons as a
fitness service as part of employee benefit packages, private group classes, dance classes, and even in-home lessons.


Since then, we have developed into a multi-faceted company with locations throughout
Maryland and expanding.

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Our Dance Solutions

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At Dance Solutions, we offer a variety of classes such as Jazz, Tap, Ballet, African, Salsa, HipHop, Lyrical/Contemporary, Modern,  Krunp, Baltimore Club, Zumba, and PIYO to name a few.


We've partnered up with some of the best instructors - choreographers in the industry to bring you the best and latest styles of dance genre.  

Come see what Dance Solutions has to offer. 

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All Videos

All Videos
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KRUMP Back On The Map M.D.

KRUMP Back On The Map M.D.

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Get Your Freak On with 200 College Girls

Get Your Freak On with 200 College Girls

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Breaking down a Rihanna "Work" Dance Routine

Breaking down a Rihanna "Work" Dance Routine

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Our Programs 

American ballerina


It's one of the most demanding types of dance in any genre. Also, consider to be the root of all dance. These classes will establish a foundation of proper poise that will help prevent injury. It will also teach grace, strength, and flexibility techniques. It will help develop, footwork for basic steps, turns, leaps, and combinations that establish the confidence necessary to move forward to other forms of dance. Ballet teaches students to develop their muscular strength, stretch and strengthen their bodies, and coordination.


It teaches dancers to use their feet as a rhythm instrument. Students in this class will learn agility, stylized movement, and sound to create incredible fancy footwork. Also included are the basic exercises,  clear tap sounds, time steps, tap combinations, and showmanship that make tapping so much fun.

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It combines the same high-energy dance genre of hip-hop with styles of the street, break dancing, freestyle, coordination, athleticism, personal, and cultural expression.  This class also has a rigorous intense movements that will strengthen your upper and lower body conditioning as well as connect you to the latest genre trends. 

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It's an expressive style of dance that combines elements of Jazz, Lyrical, and Classical Ballet. It emphasizes the interpretation of music lyrics while telling a story with movement that can be fluid or abstract.


Based on Ballet & Jazz techniques that are choreographed to modern aspects of music. This class is for dancers wanting to find their own style in expressive dance that combines elements of several different dance genres. In this class, we work on connecting the mind and the body through expressive dance movements. Each class will be a different challenge for you by changing what we learn each week.


A high-energy dance genre that infuses the latest styles of street dancing freestyle that emphasizes flexible rhythm, coordination, athleticism, and personal as well as cultural expression.  This class has a rigorous intense movements that will strengthen your upper and lower body conditioning as well as connect you to the latest genre trends. 

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A Latin dance associated with Salsa music combining rhythmic steps from such dances as Mambo, Pachanga, Rumba, Swing, and Tap. This fast pace high-energy dance genre is great for overall physical activity. 


Combines technique with multi-cultural influences, with a variety of music styles that produces an energetic artistic expression of the self through dance. This class will teach you techniques, and coordination, to develop flexibility, and strength ability.

African Dancer motion.png


Developed by Charlene Johnson,  PIYO is a combination of Pilates and Yoga. This low-impact workout strengthens and sculpts the body as well as enhances flexibility.   


Explores various dances from the vast continent of Africa and the communities that descended from that region. Students learn to execute polyrhythmic patterns and practice multiple types of call and response cues performed both verbally and physically. Different exercises will focus on body isolation, the use of weight, and traveling through space.


Baltimore Club

It's a cultural identity founded in Baltimore, that connects people to the multi-cultural artistic expression of the city. With the same high-energy dance genre as Hip-Hop and styles of street dancing, freestyle, flexible rhythm, coordination, athleticism, break-dancing, as well as the cultural movement.  This class has a rigorous intense movements that will strengthen your upper and lower body conditioning as well as connect you to the latest genre trends. 

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Our Programs

Meet Our Team

Dance Solutions is proud to have a team of professional dance instructors who are very passionate about the art of dance. Our instructors are dedicated to helping each person progress through their training and reach their highest potential.


Nysia Wilhite-Carter 

Business Owner / Instructor


Maisha Wilhite 

Instructor / Choreographer


India Starks 

Instructor / Choreographer

My name is India Starks. I've always loved to dance. I've been dancing forever! From elementary school, all the way to high school I was in dance teams and dance companies. Dancing brings out the best in me and is a way I can truly express myself. I wouldn't be me if I didn't have dance.


Brionna Wingate 

Instructor / Choreographer

Hey, y’all I’m Brionna, but I like to be called Bri-Bri.  I am from Baltimore Md.,  I am a sophomore majoring in business administration at the University of Maryland's Eastern Shore. 

I am a self-taught dancer but at the age of nine I started dancing with different groups I model from time to time and

I can’t wait to meet y’all.


Yasaman Ahmadabadi 

Instructor / Choreographer

Hi, my name is Yasaman Ahmadabadi. I am originally from Iran. I have been teaching dance for 5 years. I choreo-graphed and lead many different group of students at UCLA, USC, and UMD and we have performed at various events. Currently, I am a dance major student at Howard Community College. I am also teaching middle eastern dances including Persian dance, Turkish dance, and belly dance at HCC. In addition, I am sharing tutorial videos on Instagram and YouTube. @yasamandance


Damira Madden 

Instructor / Choreographer

Hey, my name is Damira I’m from Baltimore I love to dance. I would love to teach and every one of y’all how to dance this would be my first time being a dance teacher. I can’t wait to meet y’all.  My favorite dance to do is Club in Hip-Hop in a litle  bit of Majorette. 


Damon Moore 

Instructor / Choreographer

Wassup y’all,  I’m Damon Moore, aka "lordamonn" from Baltimore, Maryland.  I’ve been dancing since I was about

3-4 years old(self-taught).  I always wanted to teach my own dance class & now I can thanks to you guys!!

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